Special Teams In Of War

Friday, 20 September 2013
Have you ever wondered why we have Special Forces and also regular force in our military? The U.S. Navy has the Navy seals, the top gun pilots, and the best of the best. The US Marine Corp considers everyone in their group part of their Special Force. The Army has the Airborne Rangers. Okay, you get the picture. It would be similar to a football team which has a starting quarterback, and a few really good receivers. The special teams are those which run special plays, sometimes new people are added to the mix, or during a kickoff return, field goal or punt a new group comes onto the field.

What's the difference between this and the regular team players? Well, when you have a very important job to do and you want to put maximum power at the tip of the spear, you want to use your special teams. In time of war this might be like using the Navy SEALs putting the maximum force at a certain point to get a job done very quickly. This would be;

Similar to the Difference Between a Pro-Soccer Team and a Local AYSO City League Championship Team

A little AYSO Team wouldn't stand a chance, would they?

Neither does the enemy when we come to play, meaning that these assets and teams are often they go to folks for very important missions that cannot fail. No nothing is guaranteed when playing for keeps, I am certain the AYSO team might get lucky once in a Blue Moon, and the Pro-Teams job is to; Not Let That Happen.

An example of using a special team in war for instance would be going in and getting Osama bin Laden in his mansion compound in Pakistan across from the Pakistani intelligence and war college. We need our special teams, and they need our support, this is one group that you do not want to cut their budget, because when policymakers want to get something done in a hurry, and they want the mission to succeed, the last thing we wanted to do is send them on their way without the proper equipment.

Do you remember when Jimmy Carter sent our military in to rescue the hostages in Iran? The mission failed, it was terrible. Of course, it was the same president who had almost a gutted the military because that was the direction his party, and political persuasion was headed. Sometimes I wonder if we are making the same mistake today in2013. That is to say that perhaps the Obama Administration in trying to play around with the military budget, trying to cut out its core competencies with all the sequestration - it is hurting not only our regular military, but also those very special teams, the same ones we will call on when our country needs them the most.


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